Facebook is a BITCH

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After launching my webstore and ensuring that every aspect of the store is functioning well, we dived into advertising mode. And as recommended by everyone else, facebook ads.


We had quite a good start. 2nd day into testing ads and products, we got our first sale. First sale after 2 days of launching the store. It was quite a feat. 


Then **bleep** happens.


One week into testing facebook ads and spending $300+, one fine day facebook decided that our store is spamming/illegal/violating god knows which community rules. And decided to ban our website from facebook and instagram. All the money spent with instagram influencers down the drain. Well, facebook kept our ads running and continue to bill us for a couple more days while our facebook account and page is under review. 


After 3 days of review, our website officially got banned. We did all we can to appeal and feedback but our emails most prolly get flushed to spam right away.


Till today we have no idea what we infringed and how are we going to get our website unbanned again.


We know one fact: Facebook is a bitch.


Hi ,
Well.., Many things matters to drive more results from existing traffic. Let’s take a closer look at the strategies, might useful to you.

Ads Intelligence: While serving ads on online market, there are many competitors who beat us. More on attractive inforgraphics, gorgeous offers and eye-catching content makes ads more successful and stand in front of competitors. So the content can work smarter, and not harder, for you.


Landing Page Optimization: An important part of high converting. Ads can drive traffic on website but we need to make sure that are our landing pages or website is complete user-friendly and fully potentials to convert users into leads for the sales.


Campaign Optimization:


  • Facebook Audience Optimization (Determine the right audience for your posts or ads)
  • Add interest based group
  • Exclude the non-relevant group
  • Add lookalike audience
  • Targeted location
  • Targeted Demographics (Age & Gender)
  • Bidding strategy Optimization
  • Optimization Goals

Optimization for Ads Delivery: if you optimize your ad campaign for Conversions, Facebook will deliver your ads to the people who are most likely to convert after seeing your ad. Basically, you’re telling Facebook’s algorithms what your anticipated results are and who should see your ads.
Conversion strategy will work only if your audience database is eligible or your saved audience have enough conversion data of audience. There should be at least 50 conversions in your Facebook to set up the Conversions as an ad delivery result.

I would recommend to keep the “view content” till collect the conversion audience database for Facebook pixel.
Also as mentioned above check with other optimization such as Ads Intelligence, Landing Page Optimization*
Hope this will help you to get more result.

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The problem is our website got banned. We can't do any advertisements on facebook until we get a new domain.