Facebook pull image(Logo) blurry and few more tips

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When someone like the blog, it pulls the image(Logo) blurry and 3/4th of the portion is cut off. Looks very unprofessional.

I am building the store. 1 Month, 300+ visitor/Month no sale. Yet my product images are very unprofessional. 

I have readymade 10000+ Blogs which i post on my website. Daily 1-3 blog posting. Visitors are interested in blog reading but not purchasing. To be true, i am stuck in between products images and inventory. Not loading other products because of unprofessinal photography.

Facebook likes are also low.

I hired a developer  , he made a php api but unable to install on shopify as it doesnt allow 3rd party php. Developer asked me to have hosting account and place php files over there and then install iframe code on my website. Now developer left the job, and i dont know how to install the php file on server(godady hosting)

Need Donation button on website, but Paypal doesnt allow to add donation button as i am from India. And other App is not supported for Indian Donation Account.  But i somehow managed to install it. 

My main issue is Facebook like image, Sale, Photography and Slider on main homepage. :-(


Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Fahad,

It looks like Facebook's system is having some issues reading the stored image information on Shopify and filling the image preview.

What I might suggest is using the Link Debugger on Facebok's site: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

This tool is designed for web developers and will look for changed or updated information and images to pull and (hopefully) fix any errors you're having with how Facebook reads the site. Here's how you use it:

1. Head to the link above.

2. Copy the URL of the page that's not loading correct Facebook information based on the content of the page.

3. Press Debug.
4. Press Fetch New Scrape Information. This will look for new images or text.

5. Try sharing or liking the link again.

I'm hoping that will sort your problem!