Facebook rejected some of my products - how to fix that?

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Hi,yes it took some time but it worked,i had to change the titles,main image and add all the item specifics,every box filled and from 120 listings i ve got approved 109.I am happy with that.

Hope it helps

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Hi, Calm down :). It happened to me several times even they blocked my account and personal accounts but I got it back.  Here it is, you can reach them in their chat box, customer representative.  They will reply to you.


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They're bot randomly rejects things that make NO sense whatsoever!   Among other things, I had some leather Mens Work Protection Gl0ves rejected as (get this)  a medical healthcare device! 

A 14 in 1 outdoor emergency survival toolkit rejected for being "weapon or ammunition" and "Turtle blend coffee beans" rejected for being an animal.  Then it will approve some variants of a product (variants were size/color, nothing else) while rejecting the others, about half and half.  Example a Sm-Blue fitness knee support was rejected while the Med-Blue was accepted

It's ridiculous!! 

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At the moment Facebook is proving to be a real PIA.

I sell wargaming miniatures in various scales, so Facebook is rejecting 28mm Bolt Action British Infantry as "munitions, and arms" which contradicts their community guidelines, I got hit with a 7-day ban.

I appealed (to a human), who upheld the ban despite me providing a link to the "offending" products !

I don't wish to offend but as Facebook is American, I can only assume that the reviewer is American and a little bit dumb !