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Hey guys, facing the same problem. I have retargeting ads running and they are showing the compare at price not the selling price.
- variants all with the same prices, all showing the compare at price which I significant larger.

Is it just a matter of time?

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Hi @agarwala, @furnishings, @adandishop @patrickrlynch49 @PerrySkope , @Dressedbyjaz ,


I have mentioned this to our higher level support team and they are looking into it. In the meantime, can I ask if you have all tried re-syncing the product feed? If you have and you are still experiencing the issue, there is an alternative you could look into applying.  While our Facebook sales channel streamlines the product catalogue creation process, you can create your own one to set up a Facebook shop. The Facebook sales channel and Facebook Marketing are two separate entities. When you connect a store to Shopify's Facebook sales channel, Shopify generates a product catalog for you. This product catalog is owned by Shopify as it was created through Shopify's Facebook sales channel. 

If you need access to the Facebook product catalog, for example to setup dynamic product ads (DPAs), you need access to a catalog. As we are not able to give you access to the catalog created by Shopify's Facebook channel, there are a few ways you can match products to a catalog for DPAs:

  • use Shopify's supported Facebook Marketing app, which will create a catalog that you own (the Facebook sales channel's catalog is owned by Shopify), which you can then make dynamic ads - this is outlined here

  • use a third party application to manually create a new catalog to match to the Facebook pixel. This would be unsupported by Shopify, as the catalog would be created outside of Shopify.

As mentioned above, a product feed can be obtained through a third-party application, such as Flexify: Facebook Product Feed. While third-party apps are outside the scope of our support, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction:


  1. Navigate to Assets > Catalogs within your Facebook Business Manager account.
  2. Click ‘Create Catalog’.
  3. Select a category (such as ‘E-commerce’).
  4. Select ‘Upload Product Info’ and ensure you own the catalog.
  5. View the newly created catalog and click Product Data Sources > Add Data Source > Add New Product.
  6.  Select ‘Use Data Feeds'.
  7. From here, open Flexify and copy your feed URL.
  8. Navigate back to Facebook data feeds section, select ‘Set a Schedule’, and paste the feed URL.
  9. You can then connect your Facebook pixel to this catalog by going to Event Data Sources > Connect to Tracking
  10. Select your Pixel ID (ensuring it matches the one that’s been added to Online store > Preferences in Shopify), and click Done


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