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Hi there. This seems to be a problem that has been around for 4+ years and I'm not sure if it has been fixed yet. We integrated Shopify with Facebook but the app does not give us control over which variants are displayed by default on Facebook. The base price of our product is $199, but some variants add up to $300 on top of the base price. The Facebook integration with Shopify is defaulting to our most expensive items, which is highly problematic. It means that a customer seeing our products on Facebook sees an obscure variant that a small number of people might want to purchase on our website which is more than double the price of the product. It's likely driving away more customers than it is converting, since it is totally misleading. 

Is there a planned fix for this? We're tempted to simply remove the integration because it's basically unusable for us if it doesn't actually let us control what is showing on Facebook. 

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Hi, @retry1990!

Welcome to Shopify Community. My name is Olivia and I work here.

I appreciate your post and your feedback. I can definitely understand why it's important for merchants like you to be able to order variants by their preference. You are also correct in that we have received this feedback before, and have logged this development request internally. 

To provide further context, the most displayed variant is pulled by the Facebook algorithm over which we have little control or influence. With that being said, there are certainly some 'hacks' you can use to display your desired variants and increase your conversion. 

Set up Facebook-only products

  1. Set up custom products with availability only for the Facebook channel
  2. In these Facebook-only products, you can create variants as their own product ie. your base product for $199, with no variants
    Optional: set up other variant options as their own product

Couple things to look out for:

  • be mindful of what other sales channel availability you want for your channel specific products
  • to prevent confusion for merchants, make your regular product (with all variants) unavailable on the Facebook channel

That should definitely do the trick, but if you have further questions don't hesitate to follow-up with me in this thread.

Warm regards,

Olivia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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