Failed to pay invoice: Monthly Basic Plan billing error.

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  I signed up for shopify around 14 days ago and my trial period just ended on the 1st october. However, I saw that the automatic billing has failed and I tried to manually pay my bill my clicking PAY BILL in the billing section but I saw an error displaying again and again saying " FAILED TO PAY INVOICE"  "We'll try charging you again on 15 Oct 2020. To avoid failed payments, review your to make sure it can accept the charge."


My card is perfectly fine. It's a mastercard and I am paying for my facebook ads and instagram ads from the same card as well but how come the payment isn't being processed for shopify.

My card is a debit MASTERCARD.   

I really need to sort out my bill as soon as possible. 


P.S: this is the only card I have,

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Hey, @AsadRizwan


Welcome to the Community, and thanks for reaching out about this; I understand your urgency!


Co-branded credit cards such as a Debit-Mastercard should be able to process your Shopify invoice payments. You can find more information about billing methods of payment in this Help DocHowever, there are also a number of other requirements when using a credit card as your billing method. Here is the inclusive list:


  • Must be a post paid credit card (pre-paid cards are not supported)
  • Cobranded credit/debit cards must be cobranded with a credit card type that we accept (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • Must be a Visa, Mastercard or Amex
  • Must be capable of accepting charges in USD
  • Must be capable of making online purchases
  • Must be capable of accepting recurring billing
  • Must have appropriate funds available
  • Must enter billing address and details the same as what their bank has on file
  • Must not have a restriction on how much the bank will allow to be processed at once


I recommend contacting your bank or credit card provider directly to ensure that your card fits all parameters above. They’ll be able to tell you more about why they have not been able to process the charges, and/or assist you in making any changes needed to your card, if it doesn’t fully fit the requirements.


Once you’ve determined that your card is sufficient, and if you are still having trouble getting your payment to go through, please reply back here to let me know. I’m happy to look further into it for you at that time to see if there is any indication on our end as to why your credit card provider is unable to process the payment.



Helen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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is there any way to pay invoice other then credit card

I don't have this

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i have the same problem while paying for my subscription plan. i have mastercard and paypal linked to the shopify and the payment methods are completely fine for transactions. please help me as as possible as my customers are piling up to order from my store. the message pop-ups with "failed to pay invoices" and "unable to pay outstanding invoices with the selected payment method . please try again later or use different payment method".

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Im having the same problem. I have been a client of Shopify for a while, using the same card, but the last two payments i received an email with an error, i tried to go online and pay and still gives me an error and usually 1 or 2 days later,  Shopify fix the problem. Please let me know what is going on...




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