Fake Sites

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I came across an advertisement on TikTok, it was a selfie drone which was going really cheap, so I decided to purchase it. The shop is call thedealsclub.in. When I scroll down to the bottom of the site it states all right reserved products villa. Now I have sent these guys several emails asking about my order as it's been over 3 montha since I placed it and I did not receive even one reply. So I decided to so some research and checked some reviews and found a site where customers like me have paid for the selfie drone and haven't received any updates on their orders or reply back from the store when confronted about their order. This is a complete fake site an I am requesting Shopify to take action against this store. This will help a lot of people who have paid money for the product. I checked the domain on whois and its linked to google domains ans Shopify. I hope and look forward to some positive replies from Shopify in regards to this as this is fraud and should not be entertained or encouraged in anyway.