False Biased DMCA Claims

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Hello I am a young entrepreneur that has been using your platform for years now dropshipping and like millions of others. But I have recently ran into a competitor of mine that has been spamming you guys with DMCA claims that are false. Please look at the link of the claims that he is sending you guys and you guys approve his claim that arn't true.
He is the owner of https://seasonsofficial.com/ and I am the owner of https://glitchshorts.com/
As you can see, the products are fairly identical and have the same type of concept but he is claiming that I am using his images, text, and most importantly his product. This is all false. I have not used any of his images for a legal fact, none of his text, and this is a dropshipping product that I am selling from a small supplier overseas and it is not a "knock off" version that he is claiming. Like I said I have had many competitors in my life because I have been doing this for years but I have never seen or had another competitor spam me with false DMCA claims just because I am his competitor. You guys receive his claims and instantly take down my images and product page for no reason when in this whole time he doesn't own any of those things. So please if you could reach back out to me at this email I would highly appreciate it because this is how I put food on my family's plates and I dont want too many DMCA claims filed against me and then my page is shut down permanently. dre.tosic1302.dt@gmail.com