[Feature Request] Partial Payments/Deposits

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Hi All,


My organization is looking for a way to accept partial payments/deposits on orders. Essentially, our business is looking to take 50% of the total upfront and then the other 50% of the total after we're finished manufacturing the product. All of the money must flow through the same invoice. 


From our research there are a few third party apps such as Partial.ly that almost satisfy the requirements but we did not like that the user would have to specify the amount required for down payment. We also took a look at doing pre-orders, but the transaction would be conducted over two different invoices.


Appreciate any and all comments/feedback/help.

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Also looking for the same solution. Did you happen to get an answer?

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We're also looking for similar, would be happy to pay for an app if there is one that solves this issue.