Feature Requests: How do I make them?

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When creating a product you have the option of selecting a publish date in the future, having the option to add an automatic removal/hide date would be fantastic, this would solve having to go in every month to hide the outdated products, then remove them from our site (hidden first as a safe guard).  If we could set the date from the beginning it's one less step we have to deal with on a monthly basis.  

And WHEN will shopify deal with the very basic retail issue of exchanges?  Having to make a return and then repurchase when they're just exchanging same item is a pain, but the only way to make sure they're issued a receipt with the correct information on it without it having to be hand written.  We've found work-arounds but we shouldn't have too.  

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Hi Shopify, I was just reading through BigCommerce's feature set, and it appears that they have been able to add some basic functionality even though they have older core code, so I know it is possible. Here are a couple of features that jumped out:

Variations - Still, after all of these years, 3 option sets / 100 variants? Please, for all that is good and holy in the world will you change this.

URL Structure - Can you please make your url structure more SEO friendly?

Quantity Discounts - This is a complex coding operation that should occur within the backend of shopify's code. This is not something that should occur via an external app because it carries through to the checkout and payment areas, not to mention discounts. Please, for all that is good and holy in the world, will you please change this. 

I could go on for hours about the basic features that are missing, and require outdated, partially functioning, overpriced apps to (maybe to be able to) handle this without breaking my theme, but I would say this is a good start.

Andrew Kamchi www.MassageStore.Com
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In reponse to this post I have created Date Added https://apps.shopify.com/date-added, you can view and sort your products by the date you added them to Shopify or when they were last modified.

You can easily find neglected products and the app also lets you see all of your product's variants and their added and modified dates with a simple checkbox.

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We need to be able to edit orders. Customer do add the wrong size/colour to cart and checkout. We need to be able to edit this within the order and have it update stock levels.

Discount codes: Free Shipping need to be able to be applied to specific categories/products.

URL structure, COGS on the product page.

These are part of the basics on other platforms and they charge the same amount.

Shopify, stop relying on apps to fill the gaps. 

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I have made the Date Added app, its called Old Product Finder, it does exactly what was requested by JD and more. Its free for most stores (a small one-time fee if you have over 500 products).

Check it out and let us know what you think!


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The apps we buy are not arranged in proper alphabetical order and no search bar has been available on the page. All this makes hard to find the application we want.

Also, the weight of the item in pounds and ounces will be a great feature to apply.

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Such as "Minimum order amount or quantity" function, which you can find even in a free of charge ecommerce platform magento 2 community

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Global Objects can make a huge difference in greater development.

Coming from Adobe Business Catalyst we had a {{globals}} object in which we could use to manipulate user data all over the site and make incredible things like date calculations for products release date when you want to show a new product badge for a period of time for a product using:

{% assign customDate = product.published_at | convert: "date"  %}
{% assign daysCount = globals.site.dateNow | minus: customDate %}
{% assign daysCount = daysCount | date: "%d" %}
 {% if daysCount  <= 30 %}
  <div class="new-product">

Check the {{globals}} object used https://docs.worldsecuresystems.com/reference/liquid/globals.html

I was able to use every single line of that object to create amazing stuff all over the e-commerce sites I made.

{{globals.cookie}} manipulation is the most used and powerful for security and site functionality I ever have seen with that you can create a product history section in a minute!

{{globals.visitor.ip}} used with a conditional for only your local IP you can edit stuff in the site that only you see them and users can navigate without interruptions like this:

{% if globals.visitor.ip == "" -%}
	Only I see the code and changes made in this conditional without affecting the site user interactivity
{% endif -%}

The list can go on and on...

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100% agree with Alex Rodriguez!

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WHY OH WHY can't Shopify have an option for us to save our sold out products in a separate section or collection? AND- WHY won't Shopify allow us to choose how we view our main product list?? ex: Not JUST alphabetically, but by newest to oldest?! 

I am the sole owner/operator of DreamLeggings.com and I carry over 300+ different prints, in several different sizes....

These prints/sizes change daily... I may or may not carry that print again. So... When I sell out of, for example: Regular size "Paisley Pop" print Capri's, instead of having to either delete the entire product post (which is a huge ordeal, as I handwrite long and personalized descriptions under every single print!) or change the product title to "ZZ-OOS-Paisley Pop-Capri", (OOS=Out of Stock) so it wont be GONE FOREVER, but will simply be moved down to the bottom of my product list. (Since Shopify doesn't allow us to choose how we view our products! Grrrr....)

So I sell out of the "Paisley Pop", and 2 months later I decide to add it back again... I have to either create an ENTIRE NEW product for this SAME EXACT ITEM, including RE-WRITING that HUGE detailed product description!, or I scroll and scroll down, way down, to the end of my HUGE list of ZZ- products- THEN I have to make sure I change alllll of the Alt Text, URL, everything- from the ZZ-OOS-Paisley-Pop back to it's original form. 

This is seriously wasting HOURS upon HOURS of my time ya'll! It's beyond ridiculous! And it's such an easy fix for Shopify! C'mon already! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!?!!?!


- ALSO- I use the Shopify iOS App for practically everything... Mainly to add new products, since 99% of my photos are right there on my phone/file app. Why can't Shopify let us change EVERYTHING right there, within the app? Like the URL??