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PLEASE - a feature to export navigation (menus). 


Or at least allow access so that developers can create an app that will perform this task (export navigation from one store to another).

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Please add the ability to disable ALL emails to customers, including order confirmations. There are numerous services out there, such as Mailchimp and Conversio, that replace the Shopify emails that are sent to customers and it's a serious inconvenience to be forced to use a particular email from Shopify.

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I am super stressed ? with the assets folder of a Shopify theme development why can't we just use subfolder to organise files in there??????

Can I request that to be at least some thoughts through right now? its a mess trying to get a decent custom design without piling up 100x of files in there, without counting other files get rejected on saving to be uploaded to the CDN vide the theme watch command, so maybe something like git reject files would also work!!!!



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Hallo Budi Here

Hello, I am in Jakarta, I have registered shopify for online stores. I am interested and want to educate others around me using Shopify. I work in the field of internet marketers and web developers who have helped others to have websites locally in our country.

if I register to become affiliat to shipify, what things have made me not approved in this program, hundreds or even thousands of people can I use shopify as a good online business method.

I am not good at English, after 24 hours I made a website at Shopify there was no development even though my investment value was paid and I would not get profit if I was still in place at all, how to start and sit on this website. too much time is wasted watching thousands of articles and wasting a waste of time is not effective for a beginner, I see the note above that friends in other countries have my problems with website settings. as an exception form of shopify is socially expected to open workshops / training in each area of ​​promotion, thousands of people are interested but have not provided the best solution.

I need a team or mentor who can guide, with a large forum the discussion has not provided the best solution, I will be excited if invited to meetings and discuss to be better in online business

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Where did the view collection button/link go?? We can no longer view the collection by clicking view on the collection page anymore... why?? what is the purpose for getting rid of such a useful link....

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I can fix the thing as you want. So please contact me. S: 


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Top of the list for me at the moment:

Search filtering

Allow search result set filtering using the URL query string as per in the admin CMS. e.g. q=blue+shoes&product_type=shoes&vendor=shoes+inc&tag=colour_blue. Even the best rated apps are very limited compared to Shopify when it comes to manipulating the results, but the lack of filtering makes the out-of-the-box system unuseable.

Quantity discounts

I've managed to get round this limitation using a convoluted system of variants and piles of hacky code, but this is such a basic function it really ought to be available out of the box.

Tiered pricing

Related to the above - allow multiple variant selling prices based on customer tags.

Shipping groups based on product type

Retailers with large and divers catalogues will inevitably struggle to get accurate weights and measures from all their manufacturers. It would be very useful to be able to set (and control via API) all products of a certain type to always include a shipping surchage that overrides free shipping thresholds. We could roll the price up in the product itself, but this would make us look expensive compared to competitors on Google etc.

API access to stock transfers

To allow purchase order tracking, which in turn will help display accurate delivery times to customers.

Product/Collection page form customisation

We can get round this in all sorts of ways (delimiting product.description, using metafields etc) but it does mean we can't edit products direct in Shopify and have had to build our own external admin CMS (with separate fields for product bullet points, related videos, tech-spec tables etc.). Would be very nice to have a similar setup to 'section schemas' to add custom fields to product and collection editing pages. (N.B. to allow hiding default fields too!)

Multiple variant images

Store images at variant as well as at product level in a variant.images array to allow e.g. filling carousels with different images of the yellow shoes. Easy to hack around using alt tags but would be nice if the object model reflected actual common usage.

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RE: Search filtering

I've discovered this is basically possible if one manipulates the field specific search terms (e.g. product_type:shoes) and generate some urls that combine these with AND and OR joins. However, every search and subsequent filter has to happen at the server, so this doesn't allow for (product_type:shoes OR product_type:socks) without the customer having to edit the URL themselves. And it's REALLY slow. I could possibly get round the first problem by possibly stacking all the other options in the query string and extracting them with JS on the next page but this seems a ridiculous faff!

Might also be worth mentioning another method for completeness: using the storefront API's product endpoint to rebuild the entire page using handles returned from a third party app, but stacking all those individual synchronous requests is obviously too slow to be practical.

I could always build a json array of the entire catalogue and let a client cache it as per this method: https://www.shopify.co.uk/partners/blog/28500611-using-javascript-to-super-power-your-clients-shopif... but with a catalogue of >50,000 products the payload is bound to repel most of our customers.

I can't really think of a way Shopify could add anything to improve this situation - by definition the functionality I'm after is frontend - so I think i'll go after the app developers and try to persuade them to let me customize the data they store and return. Sigh.

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I sent this via email as well: 

I am a new affiliate partner and am creating my first store for a client. 

Coming from a WordPress environment I am finding a few glaring issues and user interface difficulties with Shopify that I believe are really behind the times. 


1. When selecting an image for insertion into a page,  you cannot search for an image, your selection screen has so few items that you have to scroll by arrows through many pages and this issue gets worse as you add more images.  It makes finding and selecting an image very difficult. 

2. This problem is also aggravated by the fact that you cannot find images uploaded into Files area and by the fact that you can’t search the products interface either.  If you do want a file image, you have to go to files, open the image and then copy the link…. a 3 step process that slows production. 

3. When setting a link to an existing page within Shopify, you cannot search for the page in the interface. You ALREADY have to know what the page link is and if you don’t, you have to open another page, copy the url and then paste it into the link dialog box.   WordPress allows you to click the insert link and choose and existing page. 

4. when you do insert an image into a page or post,  you do not have the option of setting it to center, left or right, but you then have to open the same image after it is inserted to set the float and margins.  This is a two step, cumbersome process that should be a single step, like in WordPress. 

5. There is no way to save and recover revisions. I had an incident yesterday where the site was slow to respond in the editor and I actually erased and pasted into  the html of a page an entirely wrong content and because of the slow response, I saved it but found I had saved the wrong content.  I found that there is no ability to revert to a previously saved page and I had to rebuild it. WordPress has revisions.  That would have saved me 15 minutes or more. 


I am using Debut, but I assume it is the same for all layouts. 




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Hi Bendannie Admin, if your still using wordpress and their continues to be workflow annoyances you've grown accustomed to keep in mind shopify is product based first then content based so alot of afforandances wont be there , ESPECIALLY for for pages.

If the timesinks are large enough you may want to consider using shopify+wordpress as this is a very common scenario so you can get flexibility of wordpress CMS for articles|pages but the power and scale of shopify as an ecommerce system with payment gateways.

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