Feature Requests: How do I make them?

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European's Shopify need to have the CASH on DELIVERY with chargable cost that will Sum to total shopping cost.

Grazie !!!


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Just switched to Shopify and paid $2,300 and just realized that even super simple & basic features aren't there.

• Can't select a default variant

• Can't search gift codes for customers who lost them (and can't enter customer email unless they're a past customer?)

• Can't accept backorders, and indicate to front-end users that the product is backordered

Would love to just pay Shopify tons of money in exchange for a basic ecommerce system, but even at $2300 there's none of these essential features. 

Wish I knew this before I did my migration :(


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Dear Shopify team,

What about an include directive for external HTML/Liquid code?

{% external <url> %}

<url> being on an external server page, which receives the Shopify page address (including the query string) and gives back Content-Type: application/liquid.

This way you could specify the position of the content within the Shopify page like you can do with the {% include %} directive. The content would just come dynamically from an external server instead of including a Shopify theme snippet.

This solution would be very powerful without compromising the Shopify architecture.

Kindest regards,

Lothar Bongartz


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I would like to request a new feature to allow a customer to edit their profile, currently once the customer is registed, they CANNOT change their name (what happens if the person change their last name after marriage), or change their phone number, or reset their password, or email address ...... however the administrator can do that FOR customer in the Admin portal, very strange. Don't you think?

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I would request the ability to print a presentable sales receipt from the basic Shopify plan, to include with the purchase about to be shipped.  You can currently print the order but it includes the timeline information that you don’t want the customer to see.  Myabe this is something I'm just missing as I'm new to Shopify.

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Hi i looking to do stock control, when listing a product i would like to put in my cost.

Any ideas on how to do this please.

Thanks in advance

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If you search for COGS in this forum, you will see all the requests for this feature and the apps that are available.

It would be a lot easier if Shopify added a field to the product page.

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I agree with all above what about payment setting options no payment gate will except new launched store with zero income only you can setup PayPal or Apple Pay on the basic plan why don't shopify open shopify payment for all stores why is the store should be located in USA or Canda we are in vertical web world I did suffered a lot cause of this my clients also when I do setup for them when that's gona end

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I'd love to see the transfers be e-mailable so I could turn it in to a purchase order.  If you just add an e-mail button to the template, once I input the items and save, I could e-mail to my vendor/rep and be good to go!


Thanks!  :)

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It would be great to have a field on the product listing page to enter the date the item is added to the website.

That field could then also be used on the All Products page in the store dashboard as a sort-by or filter field.

Knowing the date an item was added to the store, and being able to sort products by date added, would be so useful! Good for inventory control, knowing shelf age, etc.