Feedback requested on my launch strategy to grow quickly

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Over the past 3 months, I have been studying e-commerce, building a demo store, and reaching out to suppliers. I have a few green lights, which means I am ready to register the company, build a real site, and on track to launch on 1st July latest.


This will be my 1st e-commerce, so I still have a lot to learn.


The strategy will be:

Focus on high conversion rate; expiring coupon codes, get trust badges on the site, clear policies, exit intent pop-ups

Drive traffic with SEO and Google Ads. Add Social media and later blogging. Probably use FB ads for retargeting.

Use Klaviyo to trigger abandoned cart emails and welcome new newsletter subscriptions. Probably implement a discount ladder strategy.


Am I missing something? Anything I should adjust? Your feedback is very welcome!









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Hi @Rutger ,


You've really done your homework and it shows. All of the topics you've mentioned are not only crucial to secure a store's success but also to grow its brand exposure over time. Here's a few more points I'd add to your list:


1. Have a review system in place such as . Reviews transmit security and build trust with a brand, which in turn, increase sales over time.


2. You've briefly touched on SEO and I can't stress enough on how this is one of the biggest keys to success. You don't necessarly need to invest on ads infinitely to get a steady organic traffic. Here's a great guide that touches on this topic:


3. Apps can make or break your store. They can boost your productivity and really make your life easier all around, but don't go too crazy as they'll also slow your store's speed. Here's a list with 50 Apps you might need on your journey:


4. Your store's speed is crucial to converting, a 2-second page loading speed will hurt your conversions by 66%. Here's a great link touching on this topic:


Finally, I'd like to mention there's no ''100% flawless'' formula for success as you'll find out soon enough when other people reply to your thread, you need to cherry-pick the things that feel right for you and apply it. What works for you may not work for somebody else.


Nonetheless, I hope this helps you and good luck on your journey!






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Thank you @MiguelOliveira 


Great response. I will definitely add the Reviews and will go through your other suggestions as well!.


Once again, thanks. Rutger