Few doubts before integrating Shopify with our website

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Hello, don't know where to ask so I will try here!

I manage an organization of developers and we run an application/website that works with a lot of brands. Some of this brands use Shopify and we'd like to integrate it in our app but I have a few doubts before I go deep into this project.

1. Will our organization be able to manage all those brands via a Partner account? (Probably through a Shopify App)


At our website we have individual pages for each brand and we'd like to show there the products that the specific brands have at Shopify. Is this done through a Partner account or via a Shopify App that the brands will have to install?


2a. Will our users be able to buy products directly from our website or they will be redirected to the Shopify store?

2b. Will our organization be able to detect what products were bought through our website?


These two questions are related and I want to know (if possible to buy directly from our website) if we can get some insights of the purchases made from our app.


3. Can we generate discount codes to specifics brands?


This is the main idea of the integration with Shopify. We want our users to be able to buy products from our website and apply discounts (in some cases, a 100%). We want to manage the type of discount according to the specific brand, so I want to know if we will be able to generate discounts code that applies automatically to the brand store, or they will have to manually create them.


I know that this may be a lot to ask, but I will really appreciate any pointers or details that may answers them. I have gone through the API documentation but most of the examples are related to only one store and we'd like to manage many stores at the same time. Thanks in advance.

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I am having the same questions here too. Any answer from the moderator or anybody with the same experiences?