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Hi, maybe you know how to do any of these variants with a color filter. 

1. Have two attributes that describe color. One is shown on the product page and in the collection page above photo. And the second one used for filtering. I have a  theme Warehouse with a color swatch available. But I manage to use it only with one color attribute. But I need to do like in this store:


For example filter color green (this option named "Green") - all product images changes to green. But when you go to product page or look at the color images above product photo in the collection page this green product color is named differently, for example, "Seaweed", "GoGogreen", etc. 

The problem I'm facing is to have different color names in the filter section and in product color swatches.


2. The second option is to have color filtering like here:

When you filter any color you will see that color variant of any product as a separate product. But when you go to the product page, all variants are on one page, there are just different colors. Also in the product category/collection, you won't see separate product variants, you see one product with all variants in it.


It is possible to do any of these with Shopify and which variant is easier?

Thanks in advance!


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Hello @Egle 


For option 1, you could use Ultimate Filter and Search as it allows merging values in the filter options. For example, "Seaweed", "GoGogreen" into Green. Take a look that the demo store

Some products have Blue, Ice Flow, Dark Blue, Atlantic Blue Color. When selecting Blue in the filter, it returns all the relevant products.


I hope it could help