Final invoice does not mean final invoice

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I opened an account last year. I only accessed it for two or three months. In May I went to the site to make sure it was closed because I did not want my product sitting and possibly be duplicated. I read on the site that I had a FINAL INVOICE, so I paid for it. Now every month since May Shopify has taken $31.18 out of my account. I considered it closed and they considered a FINAL INVOICE to mean reactivation.
When I saw that monies had been taken from my account I went back to the site and again attempted to close it. Again the wording is so confusing. If I had never paid the FINAL INVOICE I would have been alright. That is what I was told by customer service. Since when does a FINAL INVOICE need not be paid.
I want the money returned to my account. from May -July.
There has been no activity on this account since last fall when I opened it. Why would I want to pay for an account that I am not using?

I will continue to write reviews until the account is closed and my money is resubmitted to my account.

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