Finding a good PRINT ON DEMAND app/website for dropshipping.

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Hello everyone,


I want to start my own clothing line, with dropshipping if possible, but i ran into a problem.

I've been looking for POD apps/sites but none of them have been able to offer me the design options i need, because my design is far from simple.

i want to create a brand with a streetwear vibe, like Palm Angel and Off-white. They have big logo's and text's on the back of their T-shirt and sometimes these designs even cover the sleeve.

But i have yet to find a POD which let's me design these types of this onto their T-shirts/hoodies.

I was wondering if someone might know a POD or website where i can make such designs. (SEE BELOW FOR EXAMPLES)


Thank you.


Example 1Example 1Example 2Example 2


I like your idea of trying to systemize and automate your brand. I don't know if a print on demand app, I tried helping my friend this year do this for Woocommerce and we couldn't come up with any solutions other than a complete custom NodeJs solution that would take 200+ hours to execute. Let me know if you figure something out.

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This is not something can be done in shopify but can be done outside of shopify using api to discuss further