First available variant's price is being displayed as the product's price in featured collection

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I see posts in 2014 mentioning this problem and I don't see why it is not necessary to fix this problem.


My scenario:

My product has 5 variant, the 3rd of which is on sale, I put a comapre_price(50) for this variant, and the price of this variant is 35. Now the price of the first variant is 20. On my supply theme store front's "featured collection" section, this product's price is 20, and the sales tag says "you saved 30(50-20)", which is wrong information because this variant is not on sale. And to fix this I have to hire a developer to edit the code.


Is there any easy solution for this that I missed?

If not, my suggestion is Shopify should let us choose what variant to display in the collection list, or at least let us set a featured variant so this variation gets displayed in the featured collection section.