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Hi I just started up my shopify store today...and well I’m getting tons of traffic 20 views so far, but no sales why is this?   My store is:

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Hey, Isaac!

Aria here, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify. ?

Congratulations on launching your store. I'm glad you reached out to us on the first day. This gives me a chance to give you some feedback to help you get those sales. 

First of all, I'd recommend you define your target market. You can always expand on that later by introducing a bigger variety of products. When you're spending money on ads, it's wise to stick with one niche product initially so that your ad dollars are going to the same place and you have more opportunity to cross-sell within the same category. It makes it easier to pinpoint who you are trying to reach with your ads. How old are they? What do they like? Are they mostly male, mostly female or does that matter? Smoking accessories is a hot product right now with the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada next month and growing legalization within the US.

Once you've defined your target market, it's time to build your brand identity to help your customers relate to you and become fans. I would start by acquiring a custom domain. This store should be about your brand, not Shopify's brand. You can purchase a domain directly from Shopify if you want to but you also have the option to use a third-party domain. 

I'd use a professional looking logo as well. This doesn't have to cost much, or anything for that matter. Here are some free/cost-effective options for you: 

You need a Contact Us page. Nobody will buy from a store if they can't reach out to ask questions. I'd also make sure there is a quick way to reach you, rather than using email. It's understandable if you don't want phone calls on your personal cell phone but you could use the Facebook Messenger Channel. It will allow you to quickly and easily respond to queries while you're out and about without being too intrusive. 

An About Us page is always a good idea. Along with human-friendly product descriptions, the About Us page is the personality of your store that makes potential customers like you and want to interact with you. I would also add a Refund, Privacy and Terms of Service Statements section. This will make your store look more professional and help to build trust

It's great that you're advertising free shipping but your customers don't know anything about your shipping or how long it is going to take. This is important and can make the difference between someone being willing to buy or not. Oberlo has an example of a Shipping Policy page you can take a look at to give you an idea. If you choose to dropship from China, make sure you only sell items that will ship with ePacket as they will ship way faster than other products. It can mean the difference between your customer waiting 1 - 2 weeks or 30 - 60 days. Increasingly, there are other options too. Oberlo and Spocket both have sellers who ship from the USA and other countries. 

When you are driving traffic to your store, keep in mind  2 - 4% is considered a good conversion rate. This means for every 100 visitors who come to your store, we'd expect between 2 and 4 of them to make a purchase and that's when you're more experienced. I would recommend you work on your store some more before spending any more money on ads. Once you've done that, let me know what you're doing to drive traffic so that I can help you further. If you are running ads, how are you targeting those ads? Make sure you create social media pages for your store. When you build your following, it provides Social Proof which again, builds trust for your store. It also gives you an audience you can market to without always spending money on ads. You can learn more about growth and marketing in our blog and in the upcoming free courses on Shopify Academy.

Take care and let me know how you get on!

Social Care Guru

Aria, Social Care Guru, Shopify
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