Flagged as Spam on FB, Blacklisted on Many Scanning Online Tools


Hey everyone,


For the past two months we have been running into an array of issues both internally within our small star up as well as with our external stake holders, partners, and services we work with. We are at a point where our small startup has made a significant impact in a quite  a few peoples lives, has gained a small but loyal following, and gives us involved a fun "side hustle" to learn and continue learning.


Recently we ran into a big problem with Facebook.  All our posts on our Facebook page as well as dozens of posts on our own personal pages were flagged as spam. 90% of the posts from our personal pages having nothing to do with our venture.  And yes we have read the "FACEBOOK GUIDELINES FOR POSTING"  yadayadayada. Yes and we follow the guidelines pretty well.


our domains https://www.SudoGrizzlyGents.com and https://wwwTheSGG.com both are configured to direct traffic to our https://sudo-grizzly-gents.myshopify.com which is the domain that seemingly is causing so many of our issues.


So we first get hit with warnings, followed by the inability to post for a few days, followed by any and all domains that we use for our shopify now being flagged by Facebook and no longer having the ability to share them. We then notice our traffic is coming from some sites ive never heard of like "seo.com" and ssl.com" (not exactly those but contained the keywords).


Now forgive my ignorance as I am by no means some Network Systems Engineer or genius Web Developer.

So Various online tools, scanners, etc are flagging what seems to be the Shopify hosting the issue. Again I could be reading these reports incorrectly , but they all cant seem to place one fixed location for Shopify and all are displaying comments for other stores and customers commenting things like "ransomware" "spam" "Orders not being received".


Also one of them in particular gave us a link (link below) associated with the IP that leads to a post by @guybrown in some what looks to be a network communications forum




Im wondering  if anyone else has experienced any of these issues or something similar.


We are open to suggestions at this point.


thanks everyone,


- Sudo Grizzly Gents, LLC




Best Regards,

Billie G.