Flash sale free shipping for specific item.

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I have price based shipping for three different shipping zones. One for USA, one for Canada/Australia/UK, and one for the rest of the world. All are using order amounts to determine the shipping cost.


I'm trying to create a "flash sale" item that has worldwide free shipping. I created the item priced at $9.97 so that I can create a price tier just for that amount that is free shipping. Problem is, if they add this item, and a shirt that is $18.95, it charges for the higher shipping tier because the flash item brought the cart total up.


How can I get the one item to not be included in the shipping costs when purchased with other items?

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So you want to create a flash sale with free shipping on an item. But when a customer adds more to their cart, they get the higher tier because the price has increased. I think a simple fix would be to use a free shipping discount code for x dollar amount. Simply remove the increased value with the coupon code. Unless i missed something, please feel free to elaborate. Hope that helps, 



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