Flow Theme - Display related blog posts on Product Pages

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 Hey guys,

I'm new to shopify and have just about finished my first site. I've been through the forums and found a few queries similar to mine but none of the solutions have helped. Here's what I'm looking for help with:

I'm using the Flow Theme for my site. On the product page, I would like to display posts from the recipes category, that have the product name as a tag, in the same fashion that the related products are displayed (like a slider). I tried adding the blog--blog-posts section to the product.liquid template but that only allows me to select the recipes category of blogs, and does not allow me to filter the articles within recipes for tags that match the product title. I also tried adding the template-blog section to the product.liquid template but the front end displays an error - "Liquid error (sections/template--blog.liquid line 9): Array 'blog.articles' is not paginateable."

Can anyone help me figure this out? Any help would be highly appreciated!