Food Market : Every week I have different products/price. How can I setup something like that ?

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Hello everyone,


I'm creating my shop design and technical requirements, and I was wondering if what I have in mind in doable with Shopify, there is how my shop would work :

  • We are an online food market, we work with local farmer that make only season products. So each week we offer a unique list of products with a unique price.
  • On the customer side, customer should be able to select for which week they want to order and the store will show the products for this specific week and their price for this week
  • On the admin side, I should be able have the list of weeks and set which of my products are available and set their weekly price
  • For the cart, to start (if it's easier), a customer could choose only products for one week. And could not choose to order two weeks in one order, later this will be possible.

So my main point is how I organize my products, I'm able to create private apps/custom template/plugins etc but I'm not sure how to organise them.

My products will have a different price for each week, so should I create a variant for each product for each week ? Or should I create a private app to handle that behavior ?

Because I can only have 100 variant by product so I doesn't seem scalable. Then I also want to have an easy way on the theme to query all the product and their price for a specific week, and using a variant doesn't seem the best way. 

Do you have any recommandation ? 


Thanks a lot,