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Yesterday I got my first ‘fraudulent order’. I have attached pictures for you to see. Everything checks out except for the ‘characteristics of this order are similar to fraudulent orders observed in the past’. This order is 2x the amount of my normal orders. The only things I can find that are suspicious is that it was their first visit to my store and they spent 11 minutes on the store. I sell pet clothing so when you click on a product you have to click on the size as well. They bought 4 medium girl dresses, 2 large girl dresses and 1 large boys shirt. The different sizing and amounts of each size are different to my usual order which are usually only 1-2 sizes in 1-2 genders. The speed at which they selected their clothing was quick compared to most other users typically visiting my site 2-3 times before a purchase and spending 15-30 minutes on my website each visit. They also selected express shipping which I believe could be trying to create a sense of urgency on my part so I don’t have time to recognise this as a fraudulent order. I looked up their address on google maps and their house doesn’t look like a house owned by someone with $190 to spend on dog clothes (I know that sounds nasty but almost all of my clients are on the wealthier side. They are buying clothing for their dogs after all). I contacted them via email to ask them to confirm their details and they did so which all checked out. They used a gmail account. I don’t want to cancel the order as my business isn’t doing well during COVID and I don’t want the reputation or bad reviews of canceling an order. What should I do and how much can I trust Shopify’s fraudulent warning?






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Hi @ineedanap

I think it's great that you did some background checks about this customer as you seem familiar with your typical customer demographic. In all honesty, nobody but you can decide if you want to process the order or not. The better question is if in case you received a chargeback can you eat the $190 loss?,  Shopify's fraud detection system is known to both miss fraud and non-fraud orders and most often time better serves as a warning system. Most merchants will turn down the order if it shows a red flag by Shopify's system, which this order seems to be.

Also, rather than asking them to confirm the information by email through text, most merchants will ask for a Photo ID with a note written on the side with the store's name and/or date to confirm the validity of the actual person.

If available, you can also think about checking the phone number through our site using our free phone number lookup tool to check if the order is a mobile, or VOIP number and to check if the phone number is valid or not which give you better confidence of the actual identity of the person. 


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I hope this helps you a bit. 

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