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Hey guys!

So recently my sister had gone and purchased something from this website called "Mooslim" 

She purchased a £140 product and they haven't yet delivered it and the date it was purchased was 2 months ago. Back last November (2020)

She had gone ahead and disputed via Monzo (her bank) and now they've come back after a long time and declined the refund as they have spoken to the merchant and confirmed it's delivered. 

Even though she never received a tracking number on her side and it's never arrived at our address or neighborhood.

Now going onto the merchants website 


Going into "Contact Us" section and trying to call the merchant the number is incorrect and doesn't dial.

020 8102 0645

Doing a Companies of House check to see if this business is registered and nothing.

The address they've linked themselves to -

MooSlim, Unit 49910, Courier Point, 13 Freeland Park,

Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FH, UK 

Has never been registered to "Mooslim" ever. The address linked currently is "UK POST BOX" a courier service.

All previous business address names have been totally different also.

After digging more deeper they're Instagram has comments hidden (Mostly done by scammers so no one can realise so they just disable comments). The whole page is fake. All fake followers & likes.



Also numerous emails have been sent to them with there email address stated on the website  and no reply has happened. Not a single reply back.


Shopify needs to investigate the websites back end payments and trackings. 

Never once she has received a tracking number nor a email back regarding the products tracking/shipping info.


Once a Shopify staff checks the back end on this website they'll understand that the orders are not getting fulfilled and it's all a scam.


Now wondering if Shopify could step in. Investigate this Fraud and help customers that's been scammed from this website.

Needs shutting down to prevent others from getting scammed.

Ps. I've also let her know to fill this in

But in the meantime someone at Shopify needs to start rolling the ball on this one.



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My nephew has had a similar issue with the site " " , also built with Shopify, who is currently going through PayPal's resolution centre.

A comment on PayPal's forums regarding this particular site said that the company provided PayPal with a tracking number, for something completely unrelated that had been delivered to a completely different address, so as far as PayPal were concerned that meant the order was fulfilled. Assumedly something similar has happened to your sister unfortunately.