Free Shopify Set-Up Service

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Hi pals!

Found your way to the Shopify forums because you're ready to set up your store, but not too sure where to start? Let me do the hard work for you! 

As a former Shopify Guru I know the platform inside-out, and have ample experience guiding merchants through setting up and running their stores, performing code customisations, importing product and customer CSVs, configuring apps, etc. 

My free Shopify set up service provides the following, free of charge:

  • Theme recommendation and set up, including:
    • ​Colour, font and layout adjustments, using the Theme Editor.
    • Adding your logo.
    • Setting up your slideshow, if relevant for your chosen theme.
    • Adding links to your social media accounts. 
    • Configuring your MailChimp newsletter signup form.
  • Adding your products and organising them into collections (up to 10 products - check out my CSV import service if more products are required).
  • Connecting your custom domain to your Shopify store.
  • Creating and connecting a Facebook business page, so you can sell your products on Facebook in addition to your online store. 
  • Configuring a contact page for your store.
  • Setting up your store's navigation, including dropdown menus.
  • Removing "Powered by Shopify" note in the site's footer.
  • Inserting your Google Analytics tracking code, and basic SEO.

I can offer this service free of charge to you, as Shopify pays me a percentage of your subscription fee when you use a store I've built. So it's in my interest to build you the best possible store :) 

There's no risk to you in giving it a go - tell me a bit about your business and I'll get to work:




Check out my free Shopify set-up and affordable code customization services over on :]
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I need help navigating while setting up.  I have started three different stores because I could not move around and go back and do things.  I am at a stop now.  The last one, I was forced to "choose a plan", which I did because I thought that might help.  It didn't and when it said that my store was now visible to customers, I closed it because it was not ready.  I have reached the point that I may have to start a fourth store.  I need to know first, how to move back and forth to redo things, second, what is a facebook pixel and how to set it up.  There are probably other things that I need to know but have not gotten there yet.  Does it sound like you could help?

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I would like to help you for the same. When, I was search for the free shopify setup? then, I found some websites which one is ready for making online store for us at no cost means no any charge they will take for the same. I have mentioned that sites list in below.


List of the site Free Shopify Setup Service:

1 - TeamEcom

2 - Shopafree

3 - Edreamztech

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Is this free service still running? I am using the free trial ATM and have just about managed to get my launch products listed on Amazon, which has been slightly painful, due to the fact that my first online business is health and wellbeing product (food supplements). 

If this is still available I will provide more information and whatever is needed.


Look forward to your response,

Kind regards