From BEST to WORST in Customer Service

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I am truly FRUSTRATED and EXHAUSTED trying to deal with virtually non-existent customer service.  AS a business model, Shopify had wonderful customer service.  Over the course of time they have significantly increased their rates while simultaneously decreasing their customer service engagement.  While the initial gains in their stock were enjoyed by their shareholders, I think that long term they will lose their position to Square and other POS services.   I can attest that they trebled our charges at Essex Steam Train & Riverboat from our initiation.  We had a custom API written for our tickets and were on an unlimited plan that ultimately went from about a minimal amount to more than $24,000 per year + credit card fees and transaction charges.  

I have tried multiple times to get customer service.  I have clicked as instructed only to be asked to log-in again.  So, I login again, and go through the gateway of topics, and am caught in a never-ending loop the results in a CHAT, EMAIL, or PHONE option.   

HOW DO YOU GET TO CUSTOMER SERVICE?   Is this really an oversight?   Doubtful.   It seems a designed measure.   And for those who want to know--it seems the SQUARE has better products and better prices for general online sales, including a variety of option sets, variants, and modifiers for products.  They also are glad to speak with their customers.   

I was trying to see if Shopify will be competitive and meet the Square Offer.  But I can't speak to anyone.  Even when I try to go through the "sales" end (which often works to get 'inside' a business) to try to find help, I can't get to anyone.