Front Page Collection Issue

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Hello Everyone,

I'm close to being done on my website but I have come across a small bump that I can't figure out how to fix. For the front page collection on my home page I tried to add some items and for some reason it wasn't working.

What I did: Created a collection called "Front Page" and then tagged the items from the products page to "Front Page" I don't believe that worked out. So then I deleted the collection but it still shows "Front Page" on the "brows by" tab in the products section on the wesbite. I tired almost everything but it still shows up. Any suggestions?

Thank you.


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Hey Samuel,

Trey here from Shopify!

It doesn't look like the "Browse by" menus on the collection pages display "Front page" any more! It was likely a delay with the update taking place at the time which kept "front page" appearing in there. It looks like you're all set at this point in time though :)


Trey S