Fulfillment service oberlo inventory fulfillment pending

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I have a customised order management app. There was a new issue recently .

There is an order with one line item. the fulfilment service for that item is Oberlo. 

When the order was created, Oberlo automatically create a fulfilment, but the fulfilment status is pending.

In order to be able to fulfil the order, I did the following:

1) cancel the current pending fulfilment

2) change the fulfilment service for the line item to manual

3) fulfil the order. But the fulfilment's status is still pending and the fulfillment service for the liine item is still oberlo

4) I tried to delete the fulfilment service oberlo from the system, but the api returns "NOT FOUND" error.

Could any one help me with this issue?

Either how to handle pending fulfillment, or how to delete a fulfillment service.

The api end point I used in step 4 is :

DELETE /admin/api/2020-07/fulfillment_services/755357713.json