Fulfilment Screen Changes - Workflow Issue

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Hi Guys,

This is just a general feedback post, I wanted to see if others also have this issue.

Recently the order fulfilment screen received an update (a lot of UI updates lately), one which seems to remove functionality rather than add it.

Previously you could enter a tracking number, then select your carrier from the dropdown field navigating via text.  The new update doesn't allow this, typing won't treat it as a text field but instead will trigger hotkeys generally navigating away from the page.

Not a huge deal, but very frustrating now that transposing tracking details for a dozen orders etc. takes a minute or two longer, as we have to click the dropdown, scroll down to our desired provider and then click to select it (because the automatic recognition is still flaky at best), instead of just knowing a key combo to get to the one you want. 

Can we please get this functionality added back in?  I assume it's removal was simply an oversight, but one that is very frustrating for those of us who used the platform in this way. 

Additionally, or even better, let us set a default option.  Or a default selection so we don't get every shipping company in the world, just the 2 or 3 we regularly use.