GDPR + Fraud

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some help and advice, we're a relatively ethical fitness equipment company, we haven't raised our prices to take advantage of the Covid situation and kept them the same since this time last year. 

We've grown significantly, our customers love what we do however, we leave ourselves very exposed to scalpers buying our product to resell for 50 - 100% more, which is in breach of our terms and conditions. We want to keep our fitness equipment in the hands of the end user. 

One particular troublesome customer has set up multiple accounts however they all have the same IP which is then picked up in our fraud filter and cancelled subsequent orders. 

He's now sent use a templated GDPR erasure letter to delete his data and we have 30 days to reply, I know what I need to do, but do I need to remove his information from our fraud filter? Does anyone have a UK based contact I can reach out to? 

Many thanks,