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Hi all,


In the midst of setting up my google feed and I am trying to optimize my product title by adding more description.


What is the default title that shows up in Google shopping? Is it SEO title or product title? Is there a way to optimise my google shopping title without changing my website product title? I googled and realized my competitor's website product title is different than what shows up in Google shopping. 

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This is an accepted solution.

If you are using content API, ie default Shopify app or similar that use content API. Then no you can not change the title without affecting the website.

However, there are some options for you.

Option 1: create a supplement feed such as using a spreadsheet and have two columns, the id and the title. Then add that, and you can overwrite the defaults. Here is a guide:

Option 2: you could use feed rules, however this requires specific patterns. More info:

Option 3: You can use my application to submit the feed which allows you to edit every single attribute without affecting the website. Such as using rules, manually editing using the built in editor. Then submit the feed to Google Merchant center. As everything is one area, it is much easier to manage data feed improvements.

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I can understand your problem so in order to solve your issue we have developed an app called Easy Google Shopping Feed app by AdNabu. This app will help you optimize your product title for feed and have a separate title for your website. You also get an option to select the SEO title if you want. 

Please let us know your valuable feedback.

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