GST in Australia

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For anyone still having this issue, putting the following line in your email templates will output GST based on the total order price (including shipping and discounts).

incl. GST of {{ total_price | divided_by: 11 | money_with_currency }}


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Hello everyone,

In case you still need help, follow this GST Guide for Australian Shopify stores. It provides all the information you need, with a setup guide to get your store up and running with the correct tax settings, and including your ABN.

An important part of a business is providing legal and compliant invoices for your customers. Sufio invoices serve as valid documentation around the world, in more than 20 languages.

Install Sufio invoices to your Shopify store, and test it out yourself with a 14-day free trial!

If you require further support or have any questions or concerns, just message our team at and they will be very happy to help.

See you there!

Jan, Sufio


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Hi team

We just migrated from WooComm to Shopify on 29/5/2018 and all our prices exported excl GST.  We are looking for a quick hack to up them by 10% or x 1.1 and show incl GST to customers when they first login to our site.

Anyone know how to do this simply and easily?


Dermott @BeerCoAU

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Hi Martin,

Now you're out of the dirty world of WooCommerce you should ideally be getting used to avoiding "quick hacks". Shopify can be kept a nice clean world in 99% of scenarios :)

You could quite easily export the list of products, update them all with a simple sum in a spreadhseet app, then re-import them.

Make sure to read the documentation on importing products after making changes to your CSV file first.

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Where do we input this info???
Email template from?

Please help!