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I am creating a general store in which CLOTHING also a category. So scenario is that in navigation CLOTHING is a drop down menu, with MEN and WOMEN links, which works fine but in case if some one clicks right on clothing then it will take you to the Unisex page where Men and Women clothing are all together being displayed and there's no way to segregate between MEN and WOMEN.


So, I tried to create a filter with help of "MEN" and "Women" tags and they are working fine too on Unisex page but problem is one of the filter also became visible to its gender specific page which i don't want.  I am using my own purchased theme. Is there any way i can solve it without going to theme developer?

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You could wrap your filter code in a conditional statement to only show on clothing page, for example:


{% if collection.handle == "clothing" %}
<!-- your filter code here -->
{% endif %}

If you're not sure where the code is at, start with collection.liquid template and read / walk through the code and snippets included, you can probably find it like that.

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