Get Invoice with Country of Origin and HS Code

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We need an invoice when sending orders out of EU. The Invoice needs to show price, HS code and Country of Origin for each product.


Im currently using the Print Order app to generate the invoice. And I'm now trying to add the HS code and Country of Origin to the invoice.


After a lot of hassle, the HS code is now shown by adding this line: 

{{ line_item.variant.metafields.harmonized_system_code.value }}


I did however read that metafields are not recommended to use, as this is deprecated, but nothing else have worked.


And I still haven't found any solution as to how to show the Country of Origin.


It seems like a fairly straight task, but it has not been possible for me to find any documentation on this field or how to access it. 


I really hope someone can help me, ideally on how to access this field, or on how to generate an invoice with this (really common) info.

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I'm having exactly the same issue. All I need is a print out for each order showing the item, the SKU, weight, value, HS code and country or origin. Astonishingly, it appears Shopify can't accomplish this really basic task.  I spent most of yesterday chatting with support and we are nowhere nearer a solution. I am completely amazed that Shopify cannot resolve this.