Get Product Tag, Category, Image URL from Order API

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I have implemented a webhook based order tracking for my app. So, whenever an order is placed I get a webhook with details of the order. The order has all the product information in line items apart from product image, tag and product_type. I wanted to be able to get those details in the order details itself. Can these details be added in the order webhook response? Is it possible?


As of now, I have to make another Product API call to get the information which I want to avoid.


Order API -

Product API -

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This is an accepted solution.

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  1. Wrong forum - Shopify APIs & SDKs would have been more appropriate.
  2. No, it is not possible with the current orders/create webhook to retrieve those extra object fields. It is what it is. As you mentioned, the only way is to query the API endpoint for product.

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I came to the same conclusion after some research. The current graphsql just doesn't have those fields. Yes it would be nice to include those to save extra call. Thanks @KarlOffenberger for confirming. He's like an oracle!

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