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So my website as been open for little more then a month now and i have gotten little over 250 people to my site but one 2 sales I also got few people to had to their cart but no orders at all I cant figure out what i am doing wrong, and i dont want to go and buy traffic yet since i have lacked in sales right now so any feed back will help please

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Congratulations on launching your website! I've had a quick look and noticed a couple of things you might want to take a look at. At the beginning it's all about building authenticity and getting customers to trust you. Your web address is a little strange. It's best to avoid any misspellings - they tend to look unprofessional. I notice on godaddy that the name is available. This may be a better option. There's a company with a similar name but they're based in Australia.

I would try improving your About Us page. Make it more personal by adding pictures. Try and make the text more catchy and talk about why people should buy from you - for example "We have some of the best value pet vests".

Your FAQ's are a bit of a turn off. They're too negative. They give the impression that there are lots of problems with orders. Try and write some positive FAQ's or write a paragraph as an introduction about how reliable and personable you are. For example - if you have any questions just get in touch and Edward will help you out. If at all possible add a contact phone number to your website - even if it goes to answer phone with the message 'we're walking our dogs at the moment but leave us a message and we'll call you back later today".

Your product pictures are good but try and add a personal write up about each products - "lovely cosy pet vest". I did see a limited availability count down on one with 400+ availabile products. Suggest you turn that off. As it's summer at the moment I suggest you change the order of your categories to push summer related products.

Your shipping times are really long - is there anything you can do about this? It's also very obvious from your shipping information that you're a drop shipping company. Customers will worry that you haven't got reliable suppliers and the items won't show up. 

There's a lot of advice on shopify to help with marketing - mainly aimed at growing traffic. It's the quality of the traffic that counts. Remember you're fulfilling a need. Someone wants a leash for their pet. Maybe you sell leashes for a particular type of dog. Where can you find these dog owners? Join forums and post advice with your web address in your bio. And when you do get some sales - try and get reviews from your customers. 

Hope this helps.

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A lot of retailers struggle to push prospects from add to cart to transactions. Many a time the entire top of the funnel metrics are healthy but the last and final step becomes a herculean task.
Too many steps between cart page and final order confirmation.

Have a provision to continue as a guest - a lot of people hate the fact that they have to sign up and only then they could proceed with the purchase

Avoid charging a shipping fee just before final payment - even a Rs 50 or Rs 100 shipping is a turn-off. Hence, make sure it's clearly mentioned on the website about shipping charges OR the minimum cart value to avoid shipping. A smart tactic could be to have shipping included in the price of the product and promote free shipping on the website.

Ensure that your payment gateway doesn't take long to load

Mobile friendly checkout process as maximum traffic websites see nowadays is mobile.

Try to Improve User Engagement on your eCommerce website

Content is king. You should have enough data to keep your consumers hooked.

Create a response UI and make it an engaging interface. An average user seldom purchases on the first visit, if you lack user engagement it is improbable they revisit.

Make your website community-centric instead of product-centric. Here are a few pointers on how you can improve Engagement.

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Hi my friend, try make sure you avoid doing the following:

  • Using default aliexpress titles
  • Using default aliexpress descriptions
  • Not picking images by hand
  • Not rounding the prices to the nearest dollar/ninety nine cents
  • Running facebook engagement campaigns
  • Not having a Facebook pixel
  • Not searching for the cheapest product on AliExpress and using a resold one that's like 50% more expensive
  • Not having an order lookup page
  • Not having an about us section
  • Not doing your descriptions and explaining shipping in detail

I'd also really reocmmend using an app like ours to boost your  conversions and get sales from customers the first time they visit your website:

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In addition to what others have said, to help focus on your Sales Funnel I would recommend that you invest in a couple of Shopify Apps for your store.

1. A "Heat Mapping" App, to track your visitor's journeys through your site and see where they may be running into problems (which would then stop them from buying things).

2. A Cart Recovery App (which helps market to people who left with items still in their cart).

It can take a long time to get traffic, and Sales, so don't be too downhearted. :-)

Maurice Fawcett | Principal - Fawcett Communications