Getting an image as an object for an image in the assets directory

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I want to use a snippet `bgset.liquid` that came with my theme for generating a list of different image sizes for an image. To do this I need an images object. This image is being hardcoded into the page template. I can do this if I upload the image on the site;

{% assign imgObj = images['test-large.png'] %}

I was wondering if it's possible to do this with an image that lives in the `/assets` directory. Say something like;

{% assign imgObj = images['assets/test-large.png'] %}
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Not sure what you want to do in there but you can access an asset image with the asset_img_url filter.

Please have a look at the docs: tips, tricks & Shopify sections
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I'm trying to do the same thing, and can't even get that snippet to work for pulling an asset from the Files section as an image object.

He's trying to references images in the assets/ folder as image objects so that we can access object properties and run useful performance related functions like the responsive-bg-image.liquid snippet.

There is no reference or documentation I can find on this whatsoever and it's so weird - the majority of images on my site are not product images so why isn't there a way to reference static assets as objects?