Getting many visits from Amazon ... Good or Bad?

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I seem to be getting lots of visits from Amazon recently, per my NS8 Visitor log.  They are originating from their data centers in Boardman, OR and Ashburn, VA.  Is this typical?  I don't sell on Amazon.  Why would they be crawling my site? 


BTW, the IP address is different with each visit.



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Hi Joe,


Definitely not Amazon the company doing it, probably one of their AWS customers are using their servers to crawl. Technically not illegal (check local state law, scanning ports for malicious intent can be illegal), but you may want to report those IP address if you find it abusive or not appropriate:


If you suspect that AWS resources are being used for abusive purposes, contact the AWS Abuse team using the Report Amazon EC2 Abuse form, or by contacting





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Amazon is a large server / cloud computing solution provider:



Might just have apps / bots crawling your site.


Or, Amazon might be doing automated competitive research and looking to take over your niche (just kidding, kind of hah I hope not!)


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