Getting out of the "Pause Plan" again

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I was changing the plan of my shopify store to the pause plan. I was expecting that I could at least enter admin and switch the plan again whenever I like. But I can't even send a message to customer support now, because for that I do seem to need a live store. Thus, I can't change the plan myself and I also can't contact support by e-mail or live chat to help me with it.

It's quite urgent as I still might need to refund customers from orders in the last two weeks who decide to return a product (was thinking that I could do that as well in the pause plan, and just not do new stuff like uploading new products, change prices, work on the design etc.).

I was honestly thinking the pause plan is a nice help from shopify for small businesses who decide to take a break in these difficult times for small businesses. But the way it is setup I think it is quite useless.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance, Markus aka PassionAnimal