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Hi Bill,

This is a very niche market I really know nothing about but initially it doesn't seem like your traffic is that low but your conversion does seem low. That said, I don't know what would be expected in this industry?

Maybe have a closer look at your Google analytics to determine at what point customers are leaving your site. We have a weird spike in traffic convversion for returning visitors 9 - 14 times. This tells us people are going away to check out the competition! I imagine this is the type of product where people likely shop around quite a bit and research a lot before making a purchase. Are poeple abandoning carts or not getting that far?

In this regard I agree with Jeff, you need to set yourself up as a guru, a real expert and mine of useful information so people feel they are buying into the expertese you offer, not that you are just selling a product. 

Are your competitors cheaper or do you have a completely unique product? 

Maybe take a look at to check your fundamental SEO is in place, tighening up on these small issues can have quite a big impact.

I have to say I found the content on your site a little confusing. You seem to have a lot of accessories to add before you get to adding the main item. Maybe you need to get people to buy the main item before you sell them the extras? Does everyone know why they need these extras?

You also have the review and Shopify secure buttons before you get to the product information. The product details scroll a very long way down the page. Maybe consider some product information tabs that fit across the page and an overall page layout review to ensure your customers are finding what they need easily and not being distracted by the various warrantee and icon adds. You can't have too many pages but you can have too much content on a page :-) Again, forgive me - this information might be very clear for someone who knows what they are looking for! I wouldn't know a CB radio if I fell over one (in my Louboutins!) :-)

I'm sure you must know lots of people interested and knowledgeable about this type of product, perhaos organise a focus group (over a couple of beers!) to give you some constuctive critiscism about how they find the usability of your site.

If your traffic is above average but your conversion below, then this indicates either a price issue or a useability issue. 

Wishing you all the best.






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Thanks @Vio! If you're up for it, maybe you could post an example here when you are done. It would be great to see how you go about it. ;)

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Hi Bill,

I haven't read all of the other responses thoroughly but I did check pricing on four products randomly and for three of them your price was double what Amazon and other retailers are selling the same items for. One of them was about 50% more. 

It's great to work on marketing and conversion but your pricing is going to be an issue in my opinion.


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Bill, what can you tell about visitor behavior?  What is the source of your traffic?  You may be targeting the wrong audiences.  SEO will help, but it will take a long time before it becomes effective, assuming you have identified and fixed the right problem.  Highly targeted test ad campaigns may provide some insight for a low cost.

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Get out the game bro 

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Hi Bill,

I work as the freelancer-developer for Shopify platform, and I can share the professional view (I hope) of your shop.

(I ask to excuse me for my English)

I see some important and not really important points which, as to me apparently, negatively influence the level of conversion of your shop.

I look into your website, and here that I saw:

1. Homepage:
 - There is no menu of categories which would allow users to go to the necessary page of product category.
 - Product blocks have a fixed height, and between photo and description of product is lot blank space, this superfluous:
 - Photos of some products are too small or have poor quality.
 - In a theme of online store the possibility of a resize of a photo isn't used. It would allow to optimize a photo and to increase the speed of loading of pages.

2. Page of product:
 - The blank space under the photo of product isn't used As the description of product on your website takes many place, it could arrange on all page width, but not only in the right side of page.
 - In the table images aren't loaded
 - There is no function of magnifying glass to bringing closer a product photo. Its can very much helps buyers to consider different products and to compare them before purchase of chosen.

3. Page of category:
 - The left block with navigation links to subcategories could be more expressive. Here it should be added stylistics, which will be excrete a links from the general style of the website fonts.
 - I think, it would be quite good to add the description of a each category page. It would help buyers to orient in the choice of production.


Three pages (template) which I specified above - it is those pages, which influence in the greatest way conversion of shop. Take care of them first of all.


Also, I don't think that you need to follow my advice and to correct everything that I wrote. Possibly, use of more modern theme of online store would be the best solution for you.
All the best and success in business, Bill!

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Hi Bill I hope you are well.  Have you considered advertising and reaching out to voluntary first aid companies.  Canada?  Gold mines use two ways, and they break two ways.  Have you tried reaching out to them?

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Hi had a quick look at your website. Conversion optimisation is crucial you're getting lots of visitors at low conversion rates.

I recommend having actual reviews live on the homepage to instill trust.

Also i recommend incorporating colours into your website as it seems all black and white similar to a news paper. Using a better theme with more colours to break up the content.

You need a grabbing headline to best describe your product.

Do you offer free shipping? make sure its visible and strong on every page.

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Some great take aways here.

1. Content curation, in the form of a blog/podcast

2. Like the idea of the funnel.

3. Make it easier to find the item, less distractions to purchase the item.

4. Possibly revisit tag line. Never thought of the "less" as possibly having a negative connotation.

5. Only one troll :) LOL.


This is all great feedback. I appreciated it.

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Hi Bill,

Please take this with a grain of salt but I think you need a professional review of your e-commerce business. As I always state, my sites can always use improvement so please take this constructively. To start, I think you should reduce the height of the top banner on the homepage and add a phone number. This will make your site look a little more professional but more importantly the phone number will increase your visitors trust that you are a business and not someone in their garage selling equipment. My experience tells me that 95%+  of the phonecalls that come to me are simply people checking to see if someone will answer their phonecall (or that the site is "real"). If you don't want to put your own cell or business phone then go with a Google/Voice number.

Second, you need a privacy page, FAQ page and either a Terms & Conditions or Shipping Info apge. These will all boost your visitors trust in your store.

Now, even more important - visitors never equate to sales in any way unless your visitors are "targeted". For example, if all of your Ads are advertising "Free iPods" and you're not selling iPods then you can get 100,000 visitors looking for iPods with zero sales (logic?). A quick search on in Google returns (Free iPod Screen Protector) as the 3rd result.. Perhaps where the bulk of your traffic is coming from? Well, when I click on the link I get a '404 Page Not Found' error - this is a typical 'Dog chasing its tail' problem.At a minimum this is hurting your organic Google traffic.

My recommendations - seek a professional SEO review of your site. Learn how to figure out where your traffic is coming from. Learn how to understand what your visitors are looking for. Do not use images with text (very unprofessional unless done professionally but even then it's very bad for SEO.

I haven't even looked at the quality of your stores SEO yet, it's simply won't help until you address the concerns outlined above.

Again, please take this with a grain of salt .. you can continue "as-is" or you can work on relevent content, the look & feel (user experience) and quallity of traffic (links to your site) or it will be what it is (good or bad). You should make sure that your site is constantly being updated with quality content and functioning links.

Look into webalizer, WebTrends, Analog and related usage analysis tools. Shopify doesn't offer these but if you understand the basics of usage reports you will have the knowledge to ask the questions that drive visitors and sales.

I hope this makes sense.. 




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