Getting traffic but minimal sales

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Hi, I launched my store over a month ago and although I’ve had a few sales, I’m having a lot of traffic each day that doesn’t convert into sales. I’m just hoping for some suggestions as to why this could be. I’ve been advertising on both Facebook and Instagram and I’ve been offering discounts etc to encourage purchases without much luck.

My store is 

I am selling baby clothing and accessories. 

Thanks so much :) 

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Hi Sammy,

Your page looks nice, however i would recommend you changing the main image to a one with a better quality.

Starting a blog with relevant content about baby clothing is a great way to start getting free SEO traffic.

I would also add a "Shipping Information" section.

If Facebook Ads and Instagram ads are not working well, maybe you should try Google Adwords. If it is the case, i would suggest trying our app "Clever Adwords", we will create professional campaigns for you for free, provide you with a personal account manager to help you optimizing the campaigns, banners creation...


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Thanks so much for your feedback. I really struggled with the main image as it’s difficult to find something that works on both mobile and desktop! But I will look into changing it. 

I do have a shipping page that is found at the bottom of my home page along with about us etc. 

I’ve downloaded the app and will give it a shot :)

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Hi Sammy

How much is "a lot of traffic"? I'd analyze the living hell out of your existing traffic if I were you. Where are they coming from? If you know that, you know what attracted them to your business (a post, an ad, a forum link). Then track how they behave on the site and you should notice some patterns. 

Being on top of analytics is super key in online business. Tools you can use include Google Analytics, Hotjar and Optimizely for a/b testing. 

Good luck!

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try make some offer .or buy some advetizment

1. Feel empowered to sell on Instagram. We’re always told to “show our human side” on social media channels. But you know what a recent Instagram study revealed? That users follow brands to look at products, whether they be tractors, cameras, or computers. So add product shots to your Instagram content calendar to give users what they want and to kindly remind them that you are a business who has stuff for sale.

2. Make a sale overt in your photo. People are on Instagram to apk look at photos. If you wait until the caption to let your KingRoot followers know about your promotion, you’re running the risk that they’ll scroll right by it.

3. Install an Instagram sales app. Some smart apps have synced with Spotify Instagram to make selling easier for brands of all sizes. Wardrobe stylist Ashley Hargrove uses to sell the items she features on her Instagram feed.

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