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We're wanting to run a promo on giftcards (15% off) but only want those giftcards to be usable after a certain date. I am not seeing that option in Shopify and can't seem to find any apps that do so, has any one been able to do this?



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No such native option. As for apps, or services, try looking for scheduled delivery as a feature that might get you closer


For the DIY, with virtual gift cards consider if you have automatic fulfillment the card is sent via email when the order completes. So may be possible to modify the notification templates to "delay" sending of the final card. 


So a manual option may be to  issue a $0-gift-card or a product-discount-code per gc's and setup an activation  process to get the final card value.

Or modify template to not render gift card based on some conditional logic then resend card when that logic is met.

Note: dont use dates in liquid as conditionals due to caching


After that for automation you'd need shopify plus to use the gift card api.



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