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Hey everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me with a gift card query...

I would like to use my own gift card service which send out beautifully designed gift cards with luxurious packaging. My products start at around £150 and I don't think the shopify gift cards feel special enough. Has anyone got any suggestions about how I could allow people to use my own gift cards to be redeemable on shopify?

Many thanks

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Hi Joseph!

If you would like to issue your own gift cards that are sent out by a separate company, I would create a standard product and create variants in the denominations that you would like the cards to be sold.  These products will need to have shipping as you will be mailing this product out and wish to capture mailing addresses, you may want to include the ability to have custom notes on the gift card.  This is easily achieved through infinite options or similar apps.  

Once this is all setup and you receive an order you will need to issue the gift card number manually.  By heading to Products > Gift Cards you will be able to issue a gift card to this customer and edit the card number so that it matches the card number that is mailed to them.

Finally you will likely want to make a change to the Gift Card Notification as the default automated email will likely be unsuitable for this custom method.

This whole process banks on the idea that you can give the gift card service a list of gift card numbers you wish to use, or if they can send you a list of created gift card numbers.


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Hi Adam,

Thank you for taking the time to reply! This is actually the conclusion I came to. Most gift card companies will allow you to send them your own unique codes (in this case the one shopify gives).

My only reservation is having to pay an extra $50 per month (the Shopify Pro plan) just for the privilage of being given a number, and that will allow people to be able to use that number at checkout. For now I will just be putting a note on the gift card that it is only redeeemable by phone.

I will just manually make some gift card products and ship them out myself.

I appreciate your time though!



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