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I agree!  I just had a woman from a different state purchase a Gift Card from our website to be sent to a customer in a different state from both of us.  She was older and was completely confused, and might I say VERY ANGRY, that the email came to her.  I tried to explain that it was how the system works so she could personalize it, but she hated it and let me have a tongue lashing.  I would appreciate it if the eGift Cards could be customized to just have a field where they can have the option to enter the recipient's email and have it sent directly to them along with a custom message.  I think it will increase gift card purchases (which we could all use right now) and be more professional.  Please make this a priority!


Roshan Richards

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Creating a gift card section without the option of having a customer send it directly to the recipient simply doesn't make sense, unless the point was to drive your customers to having to pay for a third party app!! Who sends themselves a gift card??!!


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I'd also like to request this as a feature as I, too, have had a few older customers get extremely confused and fairly upset with us over this. I also already pay for too many additional apps, and I have enough knowledge of development to know that this wouldn't be a super cumbersome fix for the Shopify team. Please help us out! Small businesses DEFINITELY need this feature headed into the holiday season this year.

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I'll put in my 2 cents as well - please make it so the purchaser can send the gift card to someone.  I also had someone contact me that was irritated that the gift card came to her and she had no option to send it to someone else.

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I completely agree with this thread and the idea that the Shopify Gift Card function should allow the purchaser to enter the recipient's info and email so when they purchase the gift card it gets sent directly to the recipient.

I'm new to the world of gift cards on Shopify and am surprised the gift card option works in any other way than this.

Please, Shopify, fix this.

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Bumping this again, I was really hoping this would get fixed in time for holiday season 2020. It is ridiculous that we have to reply on a third-party app to do very basic gift card functionality. When you buy a gift it is FOR someone else. Schedule send would be nice too, but at a minimum, a different from and to email address needs to happen. 

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Shopify, please make this a priority. As business owners we do not have time to deal with unhappy customers and work arounds. The answer is not always an app. It slows our site speed down. Plus, we often have to pay to have developers implement it correctly. It's just not fair to be nickel and dimed on our websites all the time!

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This seems like such a silly issue to have to deal with. They're called GIFT cards. It should be an inherent part of the product to allow it to be gifted to someone. Sending customers to use another app, which cost money monthly, shouldn't be necessary. 

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I love to see this as an option for my customers as well

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Bumping this thread. It's frankly embarrassing that a company the size of Shopify can't sort out an option for customers to send gift cards to recipients email addresses. It's not a gift card when you can only send it to yourself. And no, I'm not going to spend $20 a month on an app just for this one very simple function. This has been asked for for YEARS. Sort it out.