Gift bundles with multiple variants/inventory

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Hi, all....We make gift baskets made up of several of our individual items. But most of the individual items have variants (e.g., hand cream scent, lip balm flavor). I don’t think simply adding those as variants to the gift basket will allow me Shopify to automatically track the inventory of each individual component. It seems the the ZeBundler app might do what I need, but can the customer create their own bundle by choosing the variants they want for each component, or do I need to create a set of different bundles out of the many different combinations? What I do now is put together a standard basket with my choice of the variants on each item unless they contact me for a special request, but I’m thinking it would be nice to include the customer choices when they order the basket, and then have my inventory of each item updated.... Also, can I do this on WordPress with the WP Shopify plug-in with a Shopify Lite plan?

Also, some of our products can be customized...I’m thinking Order Notes is the best way to do this. But I don’t think that is included without a Shopify storefront....Is that correct? I might be willing to consider an upgrade to my Shopify plan To Basic, depending on a combo of factors.

I have another question, but I’ll create a separate thread for that.

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