Gift card purchase with other items - why does it charge shipping?

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Our free shipping threshhold is $90. A customer recenty purchased two items amounting to $35, plus a gift card for $100. Although the order total was $135, the customer was still charged shipping. How can I make it so customers will not be charged shipping? After all, the order total still meets the free shipping threshhold despite the fact that the gift card is electronic and does not need to be shipped. They should still receive free shipping.

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Hi Aviva,

My name is Ari, I'm the customer success manager at GiftWizard.

We enable gift cards to be sent directly to gift recipients (unlike the current way Shopify's gift cards are sent out to the buyers who then forward the code) and also enable gift card template changes.

You can contact me at



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I've just added Gift Cards to a shop and experience the same issue. Can someone from Shopify comment in addition to the offers of paid for apps?


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We ran into this same issue with our shopify store.


We were able to determine that the issue was isolated to a single user who was logged in and was returning to the store after having previously made a purchase and checked out with their credit card, and then allowed shopify to store their card details.


That was the only way we could emulate the issue, and after logging out and/or attempting to check out as a guest, the additional charge was no longer included.

Obviously that's not a solution to the problem, but it does make it less of a concern because that's quite an edge use case. Really hope Shopify looks into this soon, though.

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+1 shopify,

I tried automatic discount rules, can't create sufficient complex logic there either. So BAD points on both accounts.