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hi guys, is it a good idea to start dropshipping sunglasses? so far it seems my favorite niche as there's fewer chance customers will ask for a refund, so I wanna know your advice. the price will be <=25

What should i consider? has anyone tried dropshipping sunglasses from aliexpress to shopify 

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Hi, @TSLA!

Julie here from Shopify Support. 

It's great to see that you're doing some market research before you start selling. Sunglasses are a popular product amongst dropshippers and can be quite profitable; in fact, it's estimated that by 2023 there will be 120 million sunglasses sold in the United States, so it sounds like you've chosen a great niche. Have you decided which app you'll be using to dropship?

I recommend looking into Oberlo, our in-house dropshipping app. Oberlo will allow you to import products from AliExpress, which has a wide selection of sunglasses to choose from. Oberlo actually has a blog post called, "How I Made $8,873 in 31 Days Selling Sunglasses" that should be a good source of inspiration. In this post, you'll learn how to choose the right products, set up your online store, create a target audience, and even how to successfully market your business using social media advertisements. Since this blog post is specifically related to the sunglasses niche, it should help you come up with a roadmap for your own business. 

As a side note, have you considered selling blue light blocking glasses? With the current pandemic, there's an increasing amount of employees starting to work from home and office-related products are selling quite well. Blue light blocking glasses are great for those who spend long hours at their computers and can help reduce eye strain; I actually own a pair myself! This might be a product worth exploring a bit more and I suggest using Google Trends to see how many people are using Google to search for these particular products lately. 

Regardless as to whether you decide to sell sunglasses or blue light blocking glasses, it would be great to offer your customers the ability to virtually "try-on" your products. Many major glasses retailers offer virtual try-ons and there are actually a few apps in the Shopify App Store that support this feature. Some specific apps you can look into include Glasses & Accessories Try-On, Glazfit, and Forma. Each of these apps will allow customers to upload their own images and "try-on" your glasses. A feature like this will provide your customers with a unique and personalized shopping experience and should help boost your conversion rates. It's definitely something worth looking into! 

I hope this provides you with a few useful pieces of advice and I'd love to hear more about your business idea. Do you have a specific target market in mind? 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify
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