Glitch on my website

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I have tried to make my header bar transparent so it shows on my homepage picture. Unfortunately, it glitches out and as you can see from the photos below clearly there's something wrong:

1. This is what I was trying to achieve and as you see from below I have successfully done it.

At Home Beauty Salon 20-08-18.png





2. Now, these are some of the glitches I was talking about:
Refund policy – At Home Beauty Salon 20-08-18.pngMystifier - Premium Quality Nano Mist Sprayer – At Home Beauty Salon 20-08-18.pngAt Home Beauty Salon 20-08-18 (10).png






The glitch is basically showing on all other pages where the header is showing.

2. And this is the current code that I use (placed at the bottom of theme.scss.liquid:

div#shopify-section-header {
position: absolute;
width: 100%;
.site-header {
position: absolute;
background-color: transparent;
.site-header__mobile-nav {
background-color: transparent;

Could you help me fix this? My URL is I am on the Debut theme.

Thanks in advance guys!