Going on holiday - how do you handle it?

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So I'm planning to go on holiday for two weeks starting this Christmas. My store is in the gift business and we're having a lot of traffic right now, it'll be great to just chill for a while. My question is: how do you do this?

I'm thinking about letting people know as they arrive at my store that we'll be serving orders after we're back, a popup solution would be nice - can you recommend me an app that can do this?

Another way would be to disable ordering totally while letting people browse and put items on their wishlist. You may find this a crazy idea, however I have a special way of syncing my products with my wholesaler (who'll also be on holiday) and it could cause a lot of problems if people ordered and pre-paid stuff that I may not be able to fulfill until weeks after they placed the order. So disabling orders could be solution also.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi there!

It's Shauna here from the guru team :)

There are several options available when taking some time off from your store :)

You could password protect your store or disable the checkout on your store, both options are outlined here-https://docs.shopify.com/support/settings/general/does-shopify-have-a-vacation-setting

If you wanted to add a pop-up window to your store, to notify your customers the delay in shipping, you could use the Pop-up Window App https://apps.shopify.com/pop-up-window

Hope this helps!

Shauna :) 

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i  am taking my holiday after this friday  unfortunately when something goes well and then you change the system it suck for me so will have to let them know that i will i will return july 25  thank you Aline Proulx